Saturday, February 25, 2006

Guess I gota flash too !

Here is some of mine, all that I could find downstairs anyways, in the storage boxes upstairs are about another 20 socks worth of various fibrespates & LL, and maby some more handspun.

So whats here..

Top row... Mainly opal with my 1 ball of cotton sock yarn and some sirdar town & country, the purple hanks on the left edge are handspun merino/alpaca.

Middle row, knitpics sock garden, fibrespates jewel, lots of koigu & knitpics dye your own.

Bottom row, balled LL, more handspun merino/aplaca, dye your own opal yarn is the balled stuff, and more handspun merino.


LaBean said...

You got some baddddddddddddd yarn there girlie! Did you spin the handspun yarn yourself? Oh and I love your bedspread!!

Highland Annie said...

Yup Yup yupp

All handspun is via these hands ! its dammed good sock yarn too, after many experamental blends I settled for 40 % corriedale, 40% merino 20% alpaca.