Saturday, July 08, 2006

I'm Back!

Took me for freakin ever to get on here. I'd forgotten my USERNAME of all things, so I couldn't retrieve my password. Then the old pooter took a nosedive and I was MIA for two weeks. Then I get back in the saddle and STILL can't remember my freakin name.. Well that's all taken care of.

What have I been knitting? I HAD two pairs of socks on one long circ going, but that got to be too much to handle. So I took a pair off the thing and am down to one pair at a time.

I've dyed some sock yarn for my little girls and will soon have some done for my son and a friend's son.

The tulip socks are no more. The yarn will be recycled to become mittens, instead.

Too many socks, so little time, not enough hands.

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