Thursday, August 31, 2006

Well, alright!

Ok everybody I finally have something to post here. Behold, my very first pair of handspun socks!

These toe up socks are made from Columbia top which I got from Coppermoose, on ebay. I took half the fiber and divided it up into 4 strips, and placed the Kool Aid/Rit colors on each strip approximately in the same place. After the dyeing was done I broke off each color section and spun them out of order. Made of 2 plies of laceweight singles, I had approximately 280 yards at the onset. I'll have to measure the leftovers to see how much these socks used.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Two more pairs of socks!

In the last couple of days I've finished two pairs of socks.

These ones out of handspun and Knitpicks Palette

And my first Socks That Rock club socks (I know, I know, it's taken forever!)

More details on my blog. :)

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Yet another Generic Toe-up Sock

Just your plain old generic toe-up sock a-la Wendy. Only difference in these from my past ones, I tried out the Magic Cast-on from the Spring Knitty and I LOVE IT! This was Sockotta in the lovely color name "5616". Or as I like to think of it "Sweetarts". I'm sold on the magic cast-on. I'll be doing that on my next pair as well. I also finished a Hedera:

Seattle & Oregon Trip August 2006 188

I'm doing these toe-up as well. I used the regular provisional cast-on for it, and a reverse heel-flap. I love the fit and am halfway done the 2nd one already. Yay!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Finally a finished pair of socks, Yay me!

It's the pair of Jaywalkers in a slightly different version. I made yarnovers where the original pattern calls for kfb. I love that pattern, it brings out every yarn in a very nice way.
Picture will follow, Blogger does not want my pictures right now. *grrr*

They are on my blog though.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Forgive me

I've been knitting, I swear. But not socks. Oh ok. I've done a few pairs or so but they're nothing special. Just those self-striping/fake fair isle socks. With just a regular stockinette pattern. I need to come back with a BANG. I need solid colors ;) This way, I can do some cables and lace and stuff. Make a sock WORTHY of being a sock(to me). I shall return...

I overcame the doominess

YAYYYYY !!! I made a new sock! all the way through and it worked... without disturbances!!! I did it ! I singlehandedly defied the sock of doom!

Here it is! The collours don't realy come across though in this pic. It is greens and blue. very lurvely.
The cotton yarn is soft as butter, I bought it off a " yarntree" at the LYS and did not even look what brand it was, but I promise I will go and find out and let you all know.
The yarn is very soft and feels good on the foot almost like not wearing anything at all , but the sock is rather listless when not worn. You know.. just kinda hangs around.... uch dunno how else to explain it, but there it is: the VICTORY SOCK!

* throws some glitter and confetty in celebration! ;)

Monday, August 14, 2006

Even more socks!

The socks I knit for SharonP, and managed to finish on her birthday without realizing it!

Yarn: Trekking #100

The picture is dark but the colors are fairly accurate.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Another sock, but just one this time

This is the sock I sent to my pal Cary (along with some goodies) for the Summer Sock Party swap. The picture was at a funny angle, it wasn't really that lopsided.

The yarn is some Opal Magic, can't remember the color off the top of my head, and the pattern is Jaywalker, of course.


I haven't been posting in quite some time and now I have to let you all know why...
I ran in to a SOCK OF DOOM... this little sucker is just defying me... I have no idea why, but I knitted this sock ( just a regular toe up in opal lollipop) 5 times now... and the heel juat about 3 times every time I get there... I am getting realy discuraged . I have been knitting socks for years and years and here I am seemingly unable to complete this one...
* ripping out hair *
here is a pic of the culprit...

I seriously need help... I started a new sock in different yarn just to see, but this one sock seems to have a permanent hold over me ... I got to the heel of the new sock and ... NOOOOOOOOOOO ... not again ..... it is not working... stupid short row heel .. I have made them a million times , now they have holes or lost stiches...

what is wrong with me???

Don't look at me I am hiddeous!!!!

*scampers off