Thursday, September 21, 2006

Wow, I've been a slacker...

I just popped by and realized that the last socks I posted here were my Broadripples!

What have I done since then?

Leaf Edged Socks, I only knit one since these were from my Summer Sock Party pal. :)

My Baudelaires! I loved this pattern and I love how the socks came out, I might have to knit it again if I ever get through my endless list. ;)

Some lacey socks I knit for Artsygal with some of her handdyed yarn.

And I have a few more on the needles, but Sock Wars starts tomorrow so I'll be putting them aside for that. :)

Baby Socks!

My sister is having a baby in January, so it's inspired me to knit some baby socks- of course I'll make more than the baby will ever wear, and my sister prefers machine washable so some of these will go to the art show/sale I'm doing in November. Anybody close to Sacramento CA, is welcome to come. I'll have my handdyed yarn for sale there! As well as some finished items.

Anyway, back to the sock. This sock is made from some silk/merino handdyed fingering weight yarn that I had left over. The mate is already made, but I didn't get a picture of both. I'm also having fun with the new camera on my new macbook....

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Karen's Red Socks

I asked Bean awhile back for a suggestion on a new sock to knit and she sent me the link to Karen's Red Socks. Only fitting that I do them, since I am Karen. :) I did them in orange, since I have an abundance of orange sock yarn, courtesy of Laura.

We've all got the standard photos of finished socks: laid flat, on sock blockers, on our feet, etc. I had the Yarn Harlot pose with mine for something new and exciting. And I am showing off that she touched my socks. :)

DD's cute feet

ok here are the socks I made for DD! From leftover Opal Petticoat...
Now I am on to knitt little red and white christmas stockings for the neighbours ( partly because I have so much Yarn leftover from the fansock project....) so I make one stocking for each ( only like five people ) that I plan on hanging on the doorknob on the fifth of december . It is a german custom, on the fifth is when Santa Clause visites german kidlets and brings them Fruit and nuts and little toys... so this year the german santa will visite a neighbourhood in NM. Watch out!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Hedera! Finally! Hedera!

Hedera Socks on BlockersYay! I finally finished them. I would have finished them much sooner, but they were the victim of knitting A.D.D. Heh. So here they are. My modified Hedera socks.
Hedera Socks Modeled
How did I modify them? Well, for one, the pattern is written cuff down. I prefer the toe-up method so my challenge was to modify the pattern so that it could be knit toe-up but not visibly so. This required me to learn how to do a heel flap from the toe-up. I used Judy Gibson's instructions for a Toe-Up Sock for the heel flap directions. The toe, I used Wendy's Generic Toe-Up Sock pattern for the toe. The bind off, I faked. I read on Heather's blog back when she finished her mom's Koigu socks, about a sewn bind-off. She vaguely described it as entering the first two stitches on the needle as if to purl then back into the first as if to knit, rinse, wash, repeat. It works out pretty well! Nice and stretchy. They're nice and comfortable. I used Plymouth Sockotta in color #14 ("Green" - how clever a name!) and had plenty left over. I could have done several more repeats of the pattern on the cuff were I motivated at the time. Some people that have knit this report using more yarn than they thought they would. This was another motivation to do it toe-up. No running out before I got to the toe! I love these socks. They were my first successful venture into lace knitting. Even Ripple likes them!
Hedera Socks Modeled with Ripple

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Fuzzymmetric Feet

I finally jumped the bandwagon and made a pair of Fuzzy Feet. They were finished last evening, dried over night and I am wearing them as I type. I'm definitely going to make more, as they are an excellent project to use up oddballs of which I have plenty.

And who says that Fuzzy Feet always have to be identical? I had lots of fun knitting and before that spinning. Knowing that felting will hide every eventual mistake I tried the long draft while spinning and messed with the colours when knitting the second sock. I'm very pleased with the results.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Socks Everywhere!

This lovely pair of pink Broadripple socks was knit in Cascade Fixation. I started them on 9/8 and finished them in the wee hours of the morning 9/10.

And now the 2nd pair, baby socks again!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


ok here is a pic of the first redsox sock done:


here are hubby's socks in the opal lollipopp yarn...
I'm back to cuff down socks....

I am not sure , if fuzzy feet count as socks... but Ik nitted a piar over the weekend... after felting I will put up some pics of them..

These are going to be Socks for my DD in opal petticoat. See also my nifty pointprotectors? they are little erasers in the shape of a monkey head... YAYYY !

and I am knitting a pair of fan socks for a costumer as a pressi.. he is a Red Sox they'll be red socks...picture later