Thursday, April 19, 2007

Birthday/Sock Camp socks :)

Socks #75 - the Birthday Socks!

Yarn: Trekking 104
Started: 4/10/07
Finished: 4/17/07

I started these socks on the ride to Anacortes right after my birthday brunch. I knit them on the ferry, did the majority of the knitting in the Grok the Sock class that the Yarn Harlot taught on Wednesday, and finished them up after I got home.

It seems appropriate that my 75th pair, such a nice big round number, was pretty significant. Although the socks are plain and were a quick knit they definitely have lots of memories!


LaBean said...

Very pretty and cozy looking socks!! Yay for 75 pairs!!

Susann said...

Those make me want to knit a plain pair of socks. The Trekking from the "100 series" is just so beautiful.

ilze said...

WOW!! 75 pairs - I'm humbled - and challenged! I need to get back on stream. I'm currently on pair 7 of 16 pair that I traded with an artist. She's a non-knitting sock junkie and I just love her creations. Win-win.