Sunday, September 09, 2007

Back in the saddle again! Wooo!

I know you all probably think I forgot about this blog. Well, yeah I kinda did. I was looking around my blog to see what could be spruced up and saw this blog on my sidebar and said, "OOOPS!"
I'm sorry I haven't been contributing and from time to time I wonder if I should continue, what with my own blog and now, Ravelry.

But for those that don't read our blogs or just want the sockness, here's to you:

Hedera feet


Pattern: Hedera
Yarn: KnitPicks Sock Memories in Paper Dolls(discontinued)
Needle: KnitPicks Options US1(2.25mm) on the Magic Loop
Start: 8/27/07
Finish: 9/6/07

And now on the needles:

Cabled sock
Grey Cabled Socks


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spinndiva said...

YAYYYY! Welcome back bean!!!! and wonderful socks!!!!