Sunday, September 17, 2006

DD's cute feet

ok here are the socks I made for DD! From leftover Opal Petticoat...
Now I am on to knitt little red and white christmas stockings for the neighbours ( partly because I have so much Yarn leftover from the fansock project....) so I make one stocking for each ( only like five people ) that I plan on hanging on the doorknob on the fifth of december . It is a german custom, on the fifth is when Santa Clause visites german kidlets and brings them Fruit and nuts and little toys... so this year the german santa will visite a neighbourhood in NM. Watch out!


Susann said...

Huh? Too long away from home? It's the 6th when St. Niklas surprises the kids. ;-)

I often do the same thing in our house. I hang little bags with cookies on the doorknobs.

cmtigger said...

Hey, I made some socks out of the opal petticoat cotton in the same colorway! Pretty!