Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Hedera! Finally! Hedera!

Hedera Socks on BlockersYay! I finally finished them. I would have finished them much sooner, but they were the victim of knitting A.D.D. Heh. So here they are. My modified Hedera socks.
Hedera Socks Modeled
How did I modify them? Well, for one, the pattern is written cuff down. I prefer the toe-up method so my challenge was to modify the pattern so that it could be knit toe-up but not visibly so. This required me to learn how to do a heel flap from the toe-up. I used Judy Gibson's instructions for a Toe-Up Sock for the heel flap directions. The toe, I used Wendy's Generic Toe-Up Sock pattern for the toe. The bind off, I faked. I read on Heather's blog back when she finished her mom's Koigu socks, about a sewn bind-off. She vaguely described it as entering the first two stitches on the needle as if to purl then back into the first as if to knit, rinse, wash, repeat. It works out pretty well! Nice and stretchy. They're nice and comfortable. I used Plymouth Sockotta in color #14 ("Green" - how clever a name!) and had plenty left over. I could have done several more repeats of the pattern on the cuff were I motivated at the time. Some people that have knit this report using more yarn than they thought they would. This was another motivation to do it toe-up. No running out before I got to the toe! I love these socks. They were my first successful venture into lace knitting. Even Ripple likes them!
Hedera Socks Modeled with Ripple

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