Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Sixth Sense Socks - Done!

6th Sense Socks

This was my first time with a short row heel, and to top it off, it was a garter stitch short row heel. My first sock ended up with some holes because I wasn't wrapping the stitches correctly. Turns out, it's completely different for garter stitch! Here's a close up of the heel:

Sixth Sense Garter Stitch Heels

The one on the right is the first one, done wrong. See how much neater and tighter the left one is? Ya live, ya learn. I don't like the way these fit me, I think if maybe I had made the foot a bit longer, it might help, but even on the blockers, it looks low. I think I just don't like short row heels. But I'll reserve judgement until I try a regular one. So I dub these "Birthday Socks" for my other sister. So that's two sets in a row I'll be gifting. Grr. I have a pair on the go now - 2 on 2! They'd better fit!

The pattern is from the yahoo "Six Socks" KAL group. They closed membership recently, so hang in there if you want in. Stariel, I know you're in. How did you like this pattern? Me, I don't think I'll be knitting it again. All that KTBLs drove me nuts.


LaBean said...

They look great! My first short row heels were not so great too. You've learned something and that's all that matters right?

Susann said...

I like them! I found out that my short row heels fit much better when I knit 4 rounds across the wrapped stitches instead of 2.

Me said...

that's a very helpful comment for the short row heel, thanks! I am still waiting to do my first garter stitch short row heel, so I'll see all about that doing it differently for garter stitch.