Friday, May 19, 2006

Stars and Stripes?! My A$$

Fortissima 1776

One down, one to go. Done in Fortissima 1776 - overpriced given the rumors and apparent popularity of this stuff. Do those look like stars to you? Me neither. There are some star-suggestive blobs here and there, but whoever first said that this was supposed to be stars and stripes, got the stripes part right, but the stars? Not so much.


I will do the mate. It's on the list. *sigh* All that anticipation for a cheesy looking sock. I did it in Wendy's Generic Toe-up sock pattern as well.

1 comment:

LaBean said...

Aww Cristi, sorry the stars didn't work out right. But that means you can challenge yourself by making a pair with charted fair isle stars, see? Teehee.