Saturday, June 03, 2006

A couple pairs of socks over here too :)

I've been cranking out the socks lately. I just finished my 12th pair this year and I think I should really knit something else before it gets too hot. ;)

Pair 12 was the Lava Flow socks from Sockbug:

And here's pair 11:

I started the Cedar Creek socks from the first STR club package, since I hadn't gotten to those yet.


LaBean said...

Whoaaaaaaaaaa Nelly. Who was Nelly, anyway? I say 12 pair is not a bad thing. If you keep up this pace, you'll likely have a pair a day for an entire month by January! That's a good thing, right? :)

Stariel said...

I think Nelly is the horse. ;)

Yes, I actually love knitting socks (duh!) and will continue to knit a lot of them. However I really should get to work on the other things I want to knit, sweaters and such. ;)