Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I overcame the doominess

YAYYYYY !!! I made a new sock! all the way through and it worked... without disturbances!!! I did it ! I singlehandedly defied the sock of doom!

Here it is! The collours don't realy come across though in this pic. It is greens and blue. very lurvely.
The cotton yarn is soft as butter, I bought it off a " yarntree" at the LYS and did not even look what brand it was, but I promise I will go and find out and let you all know.
The yarn is very soft and feels good on the foot almost like not wearing anything at all , but the sock is rather listless when not worn. You know.. just kinda hangs around.... uch dunno how else to explain it, but there it is: the VICTORY SOCK!

* throws some glitter and confetty in celebration! ;)

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LaBean said...

I've seen this pic on your blog and I JUST noticed the giraffe on the chair. How CUTE :) Again, Congrats on defeating the sock of DOOM!