Monday, October 30, 2006

My contribution to Socktober

Though I should have concentrated on my sweater, the sockyarn was just too much temptation and so I gave in. This is my first sock in Opal Bamboo yarn for my husbeast. He's thrilled! The second has to be knit yet, but I already started.

Here we have some sock in Wildfoote yarn that I started quite some time ago. I to knit that yarn. But someone promised that it will get softer when being washed. Changing from metal to bamboo dpns already helped a bit. The second sock is not begun yet.

And now to my new favourite socks! It's Opal Cotton, which you will find on the top left in my last post. I did not imagine that these lovely colours came from the skein. The pattern is from a current issue of "Sabrina Accessoires" where it was hiding amongst hideous hat patterns and other stuff that has a bad influence of the 70s. ;-)

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Sunrise said...

Love the socks :-) Is this pattern online? I *need* it! lol!

any help would be great, thanks