Sunday, October 22, 2006


I was trying to make some selfstriping yarn without dyeing it... so I used 2 different shades of some New Zealand top I have.
I seperated the roving into 25" pieces and then seperated those pieces lenghtwise into 3 strips.
I spun the strips alternating the light with the dark shade.
The singles yarn came to about 20 wpi, the individual colloursequences are about 5.8 feet long ( some are longer , some are shorter) . I decided to leave the yarn without plying, I did not want to mess up the colloursequences with andean plying and I did not spinn long enough stripes to navajo ply it
Now I am knitting it up into socks.

Moral of the story?
I would do it again , but make shorter strips of roving, so that the stripes come out thinner.
other then that , the fabric is realy rather soft and I like them so far a lot...

I also made some more fuzzy feet ( the first pair did not shrink as much during felting as I hoped and I gave them to a friend of mine , who loves them a lot!Thanks Theresa for that great pattern!!)

and I made a pair of socks for a friend of my son's, but I forgott to make a pic of them before I gave them away... so you will have to take my word for it ;)


Theresa said...

Fuzzy Feet! Yay! :-)

Susann said...

The Fuzzy Feet look very nice and I can't wait to see your socks finished!