Sunday, February 19, 2006

All Hail the SockBUG!

  1. One of my fellow twelve steppers (I can't remember who or even I am perpetually bewildered, y'all understand I am sure) sent me a link to and Holy Jesus on the Cross...its like the Knitty Mothership of socks! Here are tips and patterns for lots of kick ass socks. The best part? She is funny as hell AND anal...great, great, great combination for a sock guru. Oops! That 's two...The patterns are, just go look! It is hard to explain how good they are without looking for yourself. Evan's olympic socks will both be done today save the kitchener toe...I want to be with someone that has done it before I attempt it! I like the button Bean! May all you stitches be true....

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LC in Sunny So Cal said...

Cool blog! My friend has a "count your socks" button...she's at

Just thought "you two" should meet! I'll also send her a link to your very socky blog!!