Sunday, February 26, 2006

If everyone jumped off a bridge...

...would you? Why yes, yes I would! Particularly if it involved a sock yarn stash flash!

  1. Knit Picks Essential in Pumpkin, Pine, and Cocoa, respectively
  2. See #1
  3. See #1
  4. Lion Brand Magic Stripes in Lumberjack
  5. Knit Picks Parade in Purples
  6. Knit Picks Dancing in Ballet
  7. Mystery superwash wool from a swap w/soapfibergal
  8. Various left over Knit Picks Sock Landscape and Sock Memories
  9. Regia in navy and red, respectively
  10. Left over Opal currently being used for the after thought heels socks posted previously
  11. Left over Meilenweit (can't remember the color/style name)
  12. Baby Ull. Not technically sock yarn, but I've used it in socks
  13. See #9
  14. Fortissima Socka in black
  15. Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Merino in River Run. Left from my dropped stitch beaded scarf
  16. Patons Kroy Crazy Stripes
  17. Opal from my SP5

There are a couple swatches in th right corner and a small card of Fortissima Socka reinforcing thread in red at the bottom.

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