Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Somebody please stop me!

I really really really really! want to buy this.

You don't even know how much. Please, tell me I can't.


Karen said...

OMG. Mother's day is in a few months. Yes, that is what I will ask for. Yep. Oh wait, you want to be told you can't have it. I am only going to make it worse...go for it.

Becky said...

I did NOT need to see that!!! Now I'm trying to figure out of my hubby would pitch a fit if he knew I spent $178 to knit socks! Are you gonna do the full year?

cmtigger said...


But I already have a bin of sock yarn, plus 4 skeins of tiny toes and 2 of toasty toes on order... It's a good thing I have to spend large amounts on work stuff this month before I'm reimbursed.