Monday, February 20, 2006

My name is Karen, and I am a sock yarn addict. I have a drawer full of just sock yarn, plus more that is being hidden from the hubby at the bottom of a basket. Like Bean, I am already planning on my next sock, but not finished with my current pair (Jaywalkers for SockapalOOOza). I think the next ones may be Jaywalkers for me. Or a plain pair for the little one. I have some pink/white self striping Lorna's Laces created special for Purl Soho that is calling my name. For now, I leave you with one finished Jaywalker (I'm almost up to the heel on the second), made from Schaefer Anne:


gourdongirl said...

Welcome to the sock maddness. I love your Jaywalkers.

LaBean said...

(in a faraway voice) Hi Karen! :) I know you'll be finished with Jay by the time we meet on Wed. See, now I have to trek to Purl just to see what 'special' LL colors they have. I love they way they look but they don't seem to knit up pretty. Maybe I just need to use LL-only patterns?