Saturday, February 18, 2006

sox, sox and more sox

This is the first pair of sox I had knitted in years. They were done in Opal self patterning yarn. They have a lacy top and a stockinette foot. I was really pleased with them as I had not knitted with 3mm dpn's in years!!!!

These sox were a christmas present for a very good friend. She had seen me knitting the first pair and was absolutely blown away with her pair. She wore them with her big boots when she went to the Edinburgh Hogmanany Street Party on New Years eve and said it was the warmest her feet had ever been in such cold conditions!!

The next pair of sox I knitted was a pair of "trainer" sox for Ronan, my 10 year old son. They were for his Christmas. Here you see them still on the needles, but I did get them finished in time, but only just.

I was so pleased with the "trainer" sox that I knitted Ronan that I just had to knit a pair for myself. Here you see the finished article. They are really warm and I just love wearing them to work as it gets mighty cold in the middle of the night.......

This is my current pair of sox, being knitted by the Fleece Artist yarn that Stariel sent me. I have only finished the first one. They have been put on hold for the moment till I finish my "Olympic Knitting Project". But might have to take a back seat for a while longer as, Robert my 7 year old is begging me for a pair of knitted sox.

More pictures and sock news later.

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Texanadian said...

I love those trainer socks that you did for you and your boys, hon...what did you do-just start the socks above the heel? That yarn Stariel sent you from Fleece Artist is knitting up great! Lucky you!