Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Sock yarn stash flash

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From top left:

1st row: Knitpicks Palette (Purple) and Sock Memories (Paper Dolls)

2nd row: Lorna's Laces (Camouflage, Fresh Stripe, and Georgetown), Koigu x 3

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1st row: Mysterious Chinese yarn, Over the Rainbow, two unmatched skeins Cascade Fixation

2nd row: Dorchester Farms handpainted, Cherry Tree Hill (Teal Green), Apple Laine Apple Butter (Blueberry), Socks that Rock (Ruby Slippers and Farmhouse), Mountain Colors Bearfoot, Trekking XXL, Opal (Rainbow and Tiger)

3rd row: Sockotta, Brown Sheep Wildfoote


LaBean said...

*Reaches into pic and grabs Opal* heehee. Nice stash ya got there. Where'd the Chinese yarn come from?

Stariel said...

The Chinese yarn was a RAK (or RAK-back) from someone on the knittyboard. I can't remember who it was. ;)