Friday, February 24, 2006

Sock Yarn Stash Flash!!

As promised, here are some pics of my enormous sock yarn stash. I will note that the yarn for Jaywalker is currently being used and will not be in this post.

And awayyyyyyyyyy we go:

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Solid yarns:
1) KnitPicks Dye-Your-Own; unused. Actually a small part of the loose skein was dyed but it's a huge skein and I haven't had time to wind it into something I can get onto a swift.
2) All yarns marked 2 are various colors of Cascade Fixation. I don't really like it for socks, but there were other projects I'd meant to use this yarn for. Such as iPod cozys and what not.
3) One lone ball of solid Kroy. I had 4; 2 were to be used for solid green socks(but I only used one, hmmm) and the other two are lost in space.

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Variegated yarns:
1)More Cascade Fixation. Don't ask. Just, don't ask.
2)Overdyed Kroy. It WAS variegated pinks, but I through some Kool Aid in and that was the result. I posted the socks from that foray in a previous post.
3)Leftover Lorna's Laces in Lorikeet. Also posted about this previously. Managed to knit both those socks from one skein.
4)Opal something or other. Not much left. The socks are here somewhere.
5)Elann Sock It To Me. in I believe, Spice.
6)Even more Kroy. The yarn came that color.
7)The remaining unused ball of ArtYarns Supermerino sock yarn. The other ball is attached to a current project, Pomatomus.
8)Oops I was wrong. That's not Kroy. That's some gray Lane Cervinia Calzetteria I overdyed with Kool Aid. The bottom part there is where I left off on an attempt at Falling Leaves. It was coming out too big on size 1s. I don't think I like the way it was turning out regardless so I'll use the yarn for some other endeavor.
10)Leftover Koigu from my Crusoe socks; previously posted.By far my favorite Koigu color.
11)Even more Koigu. I don't know why I bought this but I will use it.
12)You guessed it. More Koigu
13)Leftover Koigu; first I ever bought. used in two pairs of socks and I STILL have some left.. wow.

And now on to Self-striping/Jacquard yarns:

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This was my downfall as far as sock yarns is concerned. I almost bought two more ballsof Trekking the other day. But after a while.. all the patterns seem the same.
1)KnitPicks Simple Stripes. I started a regular old sock with that and I think it's off the needles because some of the stitches came off and I just got flustered and ripped them all out. Might turn that into kid socks.
2)More KnitPicks Simple Stripes. Unused.
3)Elann Sock It To Me Puzzle. Same for 4,5 and 7. 5, was supposed to be an extrapolation of this thong-sock, a pair of which I'd made from the deep torquoise Koigu from the previous picture. Somehow, I got confused and the heel was at a 90degree angle to the toes.. oh well. Back to the drawing board.
6)More Opal. Partially used. Gee, I must not be making my socks long enough!

Well, there we have it. And no, you can't have any!



Karen said...

you're going to force me to post all my sock yarn, aren't you? Sigh. Ok. Tomorrow.

Susann said...

Thanks for making me feel better! I always thought I have too much sockyarn, but now I know I don't. OK, I've knit like 18 pairs of socks last year and gave away a lot of yarn.

A word to Opal yarn. With one ball you can knit a pair of size 14 or 15 socks, that's why there's always enough left for kid's socks.

And, can I join here? (I'm Gundel from the knittyboard)