Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I tried to get up some pics of my DS socks, that I made yesterday (had time while waiting for the bus to come) but I am out of luck... since I am not a genius when it comes to computers I am absolutely sure it is something I am doing wrong...will have to wait till hubby gets a free minute to do it for me.
More sock related news: I am on another pair for me this time ( so far nobody has spotted the new socks hehehehe...I might just get lucky this time ;) ).I want to make a lace cuff.... we'll see.. ( they are toe up again... I think I am hooked...)
have a great day !


gourdongirl said...

Saw your sox in chat, they were great....you knitted them so so quickly.....

spinndiva said...

thanks ...I love knitting socks... oh I don't think I have to mention that extra;)