Monday, March 20, 2006

Die Roten Herzensocken sind vollständig!

Aka: The Red Heart Socks are complete!

O.k....please forgive me if that's a poor translation. I was using a free online translator because I just found it and have been having fun playing around with it. :D Anyway, the Red Heart Socks that I posted a WIP pic of a week or two ago are now complete. I put in contrasting toes and heels (the heels were made as "after-thought" heels) and used Schachemayr Regia 4-ply yarn.


LaBean said...

Yay They're done!! Very nice indeed. On my next pair of plain socks I must experiment with the afterthought heel.

Susann said...

Oh, how cute!
German translation is almost perfect too. Instead of "vollständig" you should use "fertig" (done).

Stariel said...


My purple socks are almost done too. :)