Thursday, March 02, 2006

My timid sockyarn stash

It's timid, because it's so terribly tiny compared to the other stashes. ;-)

OK, so the oddballs first. I promise I will get used to the way Blogger uploads the pictures.
This is all Opal except the pastel on top - that's ONline and the two orange/pink balls, which are Lorna's Laces.

I've been giving away sockyarn left and right recently, so there's not much left at the moment. But I'm pretty sure that a trip to the Opal factory store will take place at the end of April!

The two top rows are Opal, the bottom row is Fyberspates, Knitpicks, Helloyarn, Knitpicks Colour your own and Leion Brand Magic Stripes. I didn't bother to drag out the other hanks of Knitpicks Colour your own, which still are a boring white.

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Jennifer said...

I am envious of your neatly wound cakes of yarn! I really need to get a ball winder. I keep putting it off because new yarn is always so much more interesting. ;)