Thursday, March 16, 2006

Now I can cross the street, illegally!!

Finally done with Jaywalker! Took me over a month. Not unusual for me but I have been able to get socks done much faster. My printer took a dump on me and so I couldn't print out the pattern to take with me when I went places. So. Jay remained a home-knitting project.

I know, the stripes don't match up. I don't care. :) They're nice and comfy and warm. And that's all that matters.

ETA: I'm now working on baby Jaywalkers for Toddlerbutt.


Karen said...

Yay! Jaywalkers are done! And uhm, where don't the stripes match up? Or am I just not seeing it?

Susann said...

Very nice!
Another pattern I keep in mind, it might even look nice in self-patterning yarn.

Can't find the non-matching stripes either.

LaBean said...

Oh I guess I should have indicated that these pics are both of the same sock. Sorry!!! I couldn't get my other foot into the pic without falling out of the chair heehee.

turtlegirl76 said...

The colors are so fun! Nice job!

cmtigger said...

Okay, I need to make some jaywalkers... I have plenty of neat self patterning yarn to make the pattern show up too.