Friday, March 10, 2006

No pictures yet, but some progress made

As I'm not quite right in my head, I'm knitting on three pairs of socks at the same time. I hope to get 2 pairs finished this weekend.
My 2nd Opal petticoat sock just needs 4 inch of the cuff and I have to knit a 2nd baby sock. Once they are finished I'll concentrate on the thrummed socks I make for a friend. I'm using a navy 100% merino yarn and pink/white/purple merino fiber for the thrums. If the weather is a bit friendlier tomorrow I'm back with pictures.

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LaBean said...

Thrummed socks.. Hmmm. I've got to try that one day. Do I just take regular old roving and weave that in with the yarn or is there a special kind of wool I need for that? All this time, I'm looking at thrummed items and thinking their just slip stitch or fair isle..