Saturday, March 11, 2006

Slowly, but surely

Well, I finally got around to taking some progress pics of my Jaywalkers. I have been working on them - I swear! I didn't get to knit much of anything the past couple weeks except for a dishcloth or two. But, last week I was able to go to two knitting group meetings, and I worked only on the Jays at one of them (the other I knew I'd be talking a lot more and didn't want to screw up, so I picked a dishcloth).

So, Here's my excuse for not finishing even the first one yet. These were supposed to be for me. I started them out two on two circs, and didn't get past the 1x1 ribbing before I screwed that all to hell, so I ripped out, and started over. I did swatch, but what I didn't do was actually measure my ankle. They're too tight on me. I should have stopped when I was halfway down the cuff and noticed it. But I couldn't bring myself to do it. So they're for my sister, who has the right measurements for them. And now that they aren't for me, I'm not working on them as hard as I should. *sigh* Here it is:

And another reason, I'm not sure I like the colors as much as I did when I bought the yarn. It's that garish bit of browny-orange I think. If it weren't for the pink, that would be one fugly colorway.

Oh, and I wanted to show you this neat contraption I made:

It's a dishwasher detergent holder-thingy. I cut a slit in the top, and taped it all off with some masking tape so there'd be no sharp edges. It works so very nicely to keep the yarn coming without getting all tangly.

And cmtigger, you inspired me to flash my sock yarn stash. Mind you this Jaywalker is my 3rd individual sock EVER but I've already amassed enough yarn to make 21 unique pairs of socks:

Pardon Ripple, he has to be around every time I take the camera out. And now, as I looked at my stash, I see two colors that would be perfect for pomatomus. The bluey-green sockotta, and the blue Trekking XXL. *sigh* I'd better get the fit and gauge right on those.


Karen said...

The jays look great! (send 'em here...I'll do them!)

LaBean said...

Awww Ripple. What a nice name. I second that. The Jays look really good. I like that color. And no, don't send them to K. She likes ORANGE. I like red, so send them to ME teehee.

turtlegirl76 said...

But - there's no red in them. There's orange. I'm confused.