Friday, March 10, 2006

Nyah Nyah

I can't believe it!! Becky sent me this: The pattern and yarn for the Tulips and Gingham Socks from Knitpicks!! I screamed when I opened the box. I'm sweating! But oh, not on the yarn of course. :D Now I'll be madly finishing off the Jay's and Pomatomus just so I can start these lovelies. And K, Guess what? The second Jay is NOT too long so :p. teehee. It's just right(which prolly means the first one was too long and I just said F it, huh?) Oh well, what' s done is done.

*breathe deep*

I'm still shaking my head in amused disbelief as I type this. Bec, you raging sock addict!(and I can just hear her going " Yeah well, it takes one to know one!") Teehee.. ThangQ soooo much!! Love ya hun!!


Becky said...

I'm sooo glad you liked the suprise! I ordered the pattern too, so we can have a little Tulip KAL (once MY yarn gets here, lol).

Highland Annie said...

*drools* Those colours are fab !

turtlegirl76 said...

Holy crap. Just looking at that pattern makes me sweat. I can't wait to see your progress! Fair Isle and me haven't been introduced yet, apparently I'm too shy to say hello.

gourdongirl said...

WOW....what more can I say....what a wonderful RAK