Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Finished sox

My Opal Zebra socks are now finished, I started them when I was at SKIPnorth. I really like them, but haven't actually worn them yet as I have a problem with a swollen left foot and lower leg (more on that later) and I am unable to get them on, well I suppose I could if I stretched them but I don't want to do that!!

I also finished these lacy socks, knitted in Online cotton sock yarn. I really liked knitting them. I had decided they were for my Sockpalooza pal, but I'm not sure if the foot is wide enough for her, so have decided to knit an other pair for her with some of the Lana Grossa I bought today. They will also be lacy but not that one. I will have to look through my patterns to see what I can find.

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Jennifer said...

I love that lace pattern. What is it?