Sunday, April 02, 2006

Hey, look! A pair!

Deja Vu huh? 'Cept this time - there's TWO! And they both have TOES! Exciting huh?

Yarn: Regia 4-fadig Crazy Color (#5437)
Modifications: I fucked up the gusset decreases on the second, you can't tell though. I didn't decrease enough. I decreased until there were 18/18 stitches on each circ instead of a 18/16 split. I call it a custom sock because everyone has a foot that's a bit bigger than the other one. Right?


Jennifer said...

Yes, everyone has one foot that's slightly bigger. I can never tell which one of mine is, though. It seems like it changes, depending on the day and the shoes.

Your socks look fantastic, btw. :)

LaBean said...

My left foot is slightly bigger so I always make sure I try on shoes with that foot first. I love that colorway.