Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Jaywalker Progress

Here is a couple of pictures of my Jaywalkers. In the first, you'll see a sock and a ball of yan. Why is that, you ask? Yes, I started the second sock and got 1" into the pattern rows before realizing that I was using my #2 Addis, rather than the #1s. That's what I get for grabbing my project and running out the door without paying attention. :) I frogged the sock and rewound the yarn this evening, but I don't feel like casting on again, so I'll leave it to do tmorrow morning over my coffee. The second picture is detail of the pattern and shows the colors more accurately.


LaBean said...

Whoopsie! It's ok. The first sock looks good!!

Susann said...

The colours are great! What kind of yarn is it?