Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Someone stop me

I bought Socks, Socks, Socks today. And I cast on using Trekking (in the same colorway as Bean's Jaywalkers). You're wondering what, right? I need help. I want them, badly.

The appeal of this sock to me? It just looks so difficult, but I know entrelac is not. It's the challenge. It's toe up, and I've got just a few rows before I start the entrelac on it. More when I have enough for a good photo.


Susann said...

Oh, entrelac socks! I want to make some so badly, but did not know where to find a pattern and I'm not brave enough to knit without one at the moment. Btw. I've never knit entrelac before. You think I should practice before?

So I'm not going to stop you! I want to see progress and hear how complicated or not it is!

LaBean said...

Nope Not gonna stop you. Those socks are NICE... And I know just the yarn I would make them in. So(lol) it's not the entrelac that's freaking you out, it's the toe-up-ness(is that a word?) of it. Ha! I knew you could do it. I will be looking forward to those pics!