Sunday, April 02, 2006

Two pairs finished socks

They've been done awhile, but forgot to post them.

My sockapaloooza socks, Jaywalker in Schaefer Anne:

My Pomatomus socks in Trekking (drool):


Jennifer said...

Both pairs look lovely! I really like the Pomatomus in that yarn.

LaBean said...

You know I love the Pomas... I'm comin' up behind ya. One done, the other cast on. I can NOT let these socks defeat me!

LC in Sunny So Cal said...

Help!..12 Steppers, I have taught myself to create a sock toe in the "toe-up" method...but now I'm STUCK!

Do any of you have a great online pattern for getting "past the toe"? Thanks!

turtlegirl76 said...

Is that color #133 of the Trekking? 'Cus if it is, I just bought that, and now I'm certain I want to make it into pomatomus! Nice!